Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Trip To Athens Would Make It Six Finals For Morientes

The three-time European Cup winner has had a resurgence in his career after some lean times in Liverpool. Fernando Morientes has cultivated a tremendous partnership with David Villa and has been a major contributor to his club's climb up the La Liga table. Los Che currently find themselves in third place, four points behind Barcelona.

Morientes granted UEFA's web magazine an interview to talk about the Champions League and Valencia's upcoming tie against Inter. This is my favorite exchange:
UEFA: In that season with Monaco you scored twice against Madrid. How did that feel?

Morientes: The matches I played against Madrid were special because I was on loan from them at the time. I was a Madrid player and they were paying my wages so those games were as special for me as the ones ahead will be until the end of my career. Once I was on the pitch all I had in mind was to play as well as I could for my club, which at the time was Monaco. I was lucky enough to score twice, once at the Bernabeu and once in Monaco, and those goals helped us through. I was very happy, not because it was against Madrid, but because we made it through to the next round.
Who else in the game has had the chance to stick it to the people that sign their checks?

Morientes on a roll [UEFA official site]


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