Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Grab: 02.27

Spain? It's just lahhhhvley . . . especially if you speak the language
Are you unsatisfied with your quality of life? Bad weather, food and teeth got you down? Are you sick of getting kicked about a crappy pitch? In other words, are you an English striker stuck in the lower leagues? Gifton Noel-Williams will tell you that Spain is where it's at, although it helps if you play for a team flirting with promotion. If Real continues with its quality lately, who says Real Murca can't draw twice with los Merengues next year? [BBC Sport]

Sixty grand? Wow, that's a lot of money . . . can you send the bill to Fulham Road, SW6 . . . .
Guus Hiddink shows us why he is the one of the eminent Dutch geniuses of modern football. Owing nearly $2M in Dutch taxes by falsely claiming residence in Belgium, the former Netherlands and current Russia manager gets off pretty easy with a suspended sentence and a fine of 60 grand. If this is any indication of how the gaffer deals with his guilders, imagine how much he must get out of his deal with Russia ($2.4M annually with bonuses and the usage of one of Roman Abramovich's planes), considering it could be a stop for him on the way to Stamford Bridge (if you believe the rumors, which we try to promote here at SMiA). [France 24]

Four teams from England!!! We want four teams from England!!! Eh? Five!! Five teams from . . .
Somebody's getting a bit big for their britches, eh? With all the cash floating around, influence has shifted from the G14 and to EPFL, much to Platini's dismay as he takes over UEFA. Not sure what the problem is, since it's merely a case of the clubs bringing in all the loot, only to be mismanaged by a large bureacratic organization. What could be more European? [Daily Telegraph]

What can I say? We are champion . . . oh, not yet? Okay, we are nearly champion . . .
Not content on acquiring one of the possible four cups available (well, three if you're being realistic), Jose Mourinho emphasizes again why he's the Special One. [The Sun]

. . . and some thoughts on the League Cup
If you're a Gooner like me, this year's League Cup held special significance. If you're just a soccer fan, it was probably the best League Cup final you've seen in ages. Despite the unfortunate display of petulance at the end of the match, the horrific blow to John Terry's head and the ridiculous logistical nightmare of just getting to the Millenium, all I can say is . . . what a match. [Times Online]


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