Monday, October 02, 2006

Should we get rid of penalties?

Blatter shows his technique for taking penalties

Sepp Blatter came out and proposed a few off-hand suggestions for deciding the next World Cup winner in 2010. I suppose that's a good way to draw attention away from FIFA's current woes, including and not limited to, corrupt FIFA officials and expected problems with South Africa's preparations. Of course, his suggestions seem to come to him as he's sitting on the can.

Apparently, penalty shoot-outs aren't cutting it for the Lord Vader of FIFA. I personally enjoy penalty-shootouts, but abhor sitting through 0-0 draws (I know, I'm a philistine) and/or when a conservative team has ground it out to let it go to penalties. Players should win the game on the pitch, and it's arguable if penalty shootouts really allow that, given their individual nature. I do like the fact that it brings an opportunity for the fan to latch onto a personality, or at least to share that player's hope, disappointment, or joy. Options on how to determine the best team plays to win are numerous, but arguable.

What do you think? Golden Goal? Replays? Or keep it the way it is? Let us know.

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