Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Grab Bag: Tuesday

It's the Euros, which is kind of important in the world stage of football, and like World Cup qualifying, it's hard to follow (give me club football; it's always more meaningful), but here's my feeble attempt at getting us all geared up for Euros qualifying.

The 3rd qualifying round of Euros 2008 ends on Wednesday, seeing a spate of injuries to several squads. And in case you were wondering, just how does UEFA spend its money? With am embarassingly sad PR Stunt. Then again, when have you ever heard "that mascot was perfect for the tournament; it really embodied what we're all about"? [UEFA]

The eternal blustery British media are all over the England squad, as they should be after a 0-0 draw with Macedonia. Bring Becks back! Play 2-6-1-1! Genetically reproduce Gazza's tears, Bryan Robson's grit and the ghost of what Alan Shearer was supposed to be! Whatever you do, don't give up on the English. They're always about to win it all. And they're always risking it all. Everything has meaning, dammit. Speaking of putting it all on the line, it's drama time in Ireland with Steve Staunton. See, Cyprus is good for something. [Independent, Times UK]

Oh screw it, I couldn't care less (sorry, Europeans). Here's what's on TV on Wednesday in the US (All times Eastern). Check your local listings or here:

Croatia v. England
1:00 pm Setanta Premium

Georgia v. Italy
1:45 RAI International, 2:00 pm Setanta Sports

Iceland v. Sweden
2:00 pm Fox Soccer Channel

Bosnia v. Greece
2:15 pm Setanta Premium

Poland v. Portugal
2:30 pm Setanta Premium

Ireland v. Czech Republic
2:30 pm Setanta Premium

France v. Faroe Islands
2:55 TV5, 4pm (delayed) Fox Soccer Channel

Slovakia v. Germany
4:00 pm, 10:00 pm (delayed) Setanta Sports

Turkey v. Moldova
6:00 pm, 12:00 am Thu (delayed) Setanta Sports

Ukraine v. Scotland
8:00 pm (delayed) Setanta Sport



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