Monday, October 02, 2006

99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall . . .

While I'm all for team building exercises, but going to Oktoberfest? After seeing Claudio Pizarro arrested for drunk driving last week after drinking at the annual beer festival, I didn't think I'd see Bayern taking the whole team out for some beers. I understand that the festival is important to Bavarian life and culture and that it's a team tradition to go every year. But it just seems strange.

The most interesting thing about this might be the photo gallery the team has set up on it's website showing players, coaches, and management enjoying a liter or two. Notice that of the 21 pictures in the gallery, not one of them is of Pizzaro and his family. You can see the missing picture here.

Make's you want to go rent National Lampoon's European Vacation, doesn't it?

Beers all round [FC Bayern Munich official site]


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