Friday, September 15, 2006

You've Got To Be Kidding

Why the hell is this guy even being considered? Shouldn't his track record as England's head man be considered here? If all the U.S. national team wants to do is qualify for the World Cup, then by all means please hire Eriksson. It's been such a struggle these last years watching the World Cup being playing without American participation. Once he helps us qualify, then I'm sure he'll be the man to take soccer in this country to new heights. We might even get the sport popular enough to form a professional league.

My first choice would be Jose Pekerman and with Jurgen Klinsmann a distant second. I will absolutely lose it if Eriksson is given the job. Who out there really thinks that Eriksson could do a better job then either Pekerman or Klinsmann? Heck, I think my local high school soccer coach could do a better job than the Swede.

And another thing, does the Times headline seem a little misleading? Did they just interview him or are they really considering the idea of hiring him and just hammering out the particulars of his multi-million dollar contract? If U.S. Soccer doesn't have the $2 million to pay Klinsmann, what will they pay Eriksson? He was reportedly paid $5 million a year as England's manager from 2001-2006.

Eriksson has been in the press quite a bit lately, reports stating that he is bewildered by the fact that he has not been offered a job since the end of the World Cup. Other news stories have reported that he is interested in managing a Premiership club and that there might be some Serie A clubs interested in his services. And of course, he's sick of people picking on him.

On a side note, if he does become Bruce Arena's successor, will Landon Donovan take the place of David Beckham?

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soccermad said...

He's still getting paid his full salary from the FA, that is, until he finds another job . . . it comes to about $23,288/day of doing nothing but whining about how he gets no respect.