Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh Jose . . . .WWJD?

Atletico Madrid claim former Arsenal and new Real Madrid w(h)inger Jose Antonio Reyes owes the club $2.56M after their Madrid rivals snapped up the 23-year old in a loan swap that sent Julio Baptista to North London.

"The agents and the player signed a pre-contract agreement which included a two million euro penalty clause if the player did not play for Atletico this season," sports director Jesus Garcia Pitarch told a news conference on Friday.

Reyes denies signing any sort of contract, claiming that would have been illegal. "I didn't know this was what Jesus would do", sniffed the Spanish international, tears of joy streaming down his face as he relished his return to tapas and bullfighting.

Atletico had bid $15.3M for the eternally-unsettled forward, an offer Arsene Wenger labelled "insulting".

Poor Jose (from 2/05) BBC Sport

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