Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If you were recently outed in an expose for bribery, would you meet the media dressed like this?

Big Sam and his gold chain refute allegations

Me son’s an arse Painful watching Craig talk big [Tribal Football]

In its typically efficient fashion, the FA investigates bungs for only $1.2M FA bungs inquiry to review more than 100 deals [Times Online]

The BBC’s Gordon Farquhar attempts to make Panorama relevant Bung scandal Q&A [BBC Sport]

Jon Holmes on why the American system works and what it’s like to have a big . . . er, sorry, wrong Jon Holmes Players, not clubs must employ and pay agents [Independent UK]

We get a peek at Andriy Shevchenko’s upcoming bio The making of Sheva [Independent UK]

It’s not funny to laugh at people’s fear . . . unless they make millions to kick a ball Do planes need hoovers to make Wazza happy? [Tribal Football]


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