Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh Dermot, You Silly Bastard

Is this Dermot Gallagher's fate, being sent down to the minors? Granted the guy looks like an idiot, but if he didn't see Ben Thatcher's blatant elbow to Pedro Mendes' face, he didn't see it. I will say that he didn't help his cause by handing out a yellow to the Manchester City player.

Which leads me to this: If Wayne Rooney gets a three game suspension for going up for a challenge with his arms extended, how many games will Thatcher get for putting Mendes in the hospital? If he gets anything less then Rooney, how soon before Fergie holds a press conference? At said press conference, how red will the Man U manager's face get?

Gallagher demoted [Guardian UK]


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Anonymous said...

Speaking of shit officials, look at Darrell Hair, who started all the controversy about ball-doctoring in the cricket test between Pakistan and England . . .after the controversey went down, he wrote a letter to the governing body of the sport, offerring to resign for $500,000