Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hargreaves makes eyes at Fergie

Pics above from the England Midfielder's website:

Interest in Owen Hargreaves from Sir Lord Ferguson has escalated, to which the Bayern Munich player told Bild, "The offer from United is fantastic". However, Bayern Munich's general manager, Uli Hoeness will do everything to stop his midfield from shrinking even further after Ballack's departure to Chelsea. His Hoeness said, "Hargreaves is not a subject for discussion. Owen has a contract until 2010 and he will complete it. The issue is closed."

The 25-year-old midfielder, of Canadian origin, will be hard to keep at the German Club if he's determined move to Old Trafford. United are prepared to bid $22.1M.

Most importantly, however, is the existence of such a cheesy website, devoted to lots of pics of himself, perhaps to show the deeper side of Owen; apparently he's waiting to buy drugs in the top picture, and genuflecting on nuclear proliferation on the other side of the International Herald Tribune in the pic below. Still, it can't be beat by this:

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