Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arsenal Transfer Update

I suppose getting Julio Baptista in exchange for the whining Jose Reyes is a good deal, since we were extremely close to seeing the 23-year old winger/striker burst into tears on the touchline were this to go on any longer.

The Beast, a nickname given to during his spell at Sevilla before playing with Real Madrid, should provide attacking options on the wings, and since he’s essentially a converted midfielder he can help out in the back. Arsene Wenger attempted to acquire the Brazilian international before he joined Real Madrid for nearly $24M.

But it doesn’t excite me as much as the prospect of Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez coming to Emirates did the night before. Their dubious loan deal to West Ham came as quite a shock, but I have to admit it’s good for the Premier League to have quality players like that ply their trade outside of La Liga, Serie A and South American teams..

The Ashley Cole saga ended sadly for Arsenal fans, considering the Gunners only got William Gallas and $8.5M for the petulant left-back, not much compared to the $43.5M they originally demanded for the England international. Chelsea reportedly offered a straight $34M offer for Cole, after they rejected Arsenal’s $8.5M bid for William Gallas.

Did we just pay $25.5M for William Gallas? Well, Wenger claims no such bid was offered by the champions, but it does show the bitterness between the two clubs.

Apparently, Wenger thinks Gallas is coming into his prime, at 29, enough to meet his demands of $136,000 per week too. I know Cashley didn’t want to play for Arsenal anymore, but I’m not sure waiting until the January, for the next transfer window, wouldn’t have been a better option. I guess the Gunners’ backline is that worrisome to Wenger.


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